OneStopPlus - One Stop Plus Criminals Robbed Me &Ruined My Wedding

Oneonta, Alabama 1 comment
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One Stop Plus criminals kept my money.I paid $2000 for clothes for my wedding & never received what I paid for.

I returned the items they sent me which I did not order & kept demanding a full refund. One Stop Plus kept the money & clothes too. I did not have the $2000 as it belonged to Quick Cash where I borrowed it. I planned to try all the clothes on & just keep the ones that fit me best.

One Stop Plus criminals now blocks my phone calls and orders & accused me of breaking the "rules" by "using too many coupons." They called me & threatened me with arrest & lawsuits. They voided the $100 merchandise certificates they sent me which are bogus. These terrorists need to be locked up. They straightout stole $2000 from me & from Quick Cash.

I investigated them & learned they are doing business under the names of over 50 bogus companies & it is run by illegal workers out of Mexico at sweatshops who mistreat their fellow Mexicans & they refuse to pay workers for the work they do. They pay them only a few cents an hour.

These workers need their pay to feed their families.I say lock up the criminals who run One Stop Plus & waterboard their crooked ***.

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Vancouver, Washington, United States #1221318

Never buy online. Plus never borrow money from the mafia

Nashville, Tennessee 0 comments

I have ordered 4 times black and white striped pants from this company and each time they have substituted the indigo and white pants.I have contacted the company numerous times because they show the pants are available on their website but they are not sending out what we order.

I don't know if they are doing this to other customers but this is so dishonest.

I tried leaving a review on their website, but for some reason I can't access an icon or entrance to leave a review.I am telling buyers to beware of this company.

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